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Mangaliam/ Mangal Sutra Activation




  Mangaliam/ Mangal Sutra Activation

               ( For Healing Health, Relationships & Finances)


We all need a stroke of luck to touch us…   A MIRACLE TO HAPPEN!!!!!!!

When does a MIRACLE take place?

When there is high vibration, Energy, Trust, Faith and Belief. When you allow that energy and vibration to touch you.

ENERGY is all around, we need to access it for it to work for us.

In all walks of life.. it is believed that the lady of the house is the strongest pillar of that home. It is her and her vibrations of positivity and longevity

that make the home an abode for prosperity, peace and joy. For her, her mangailam/ mangalsutra is very sacred.

When the Mangailam/Mangalsutra is activated with Prosperity and Healing energy, the sacredness, gold, and the location (near the heart) of the Mangailam/mangalsutra makes significant changes to the Aura which  heal the mind, body and spirit thus

  • Attracting relationship harmony
  • Financial stabilitymangaliam
  • Good health
  • Positive vibration at home, the food that she cooked etc

The Energy Transfer is so powerful giving immediate results as the mangailam/ mangalsutra is worn 24/7 and carries the divine energy of jothi

When your Aura is very strong it automatically changes the vibrations in the home and in the people in constant radius.

  • The activation of the mangailam/mangalsutra is permanent with constant energy as it is done at the atom level.
  • You can heal and energize water for everyone with just a tap on the glass.. The taste of the water will give you a clue

Sweet      —Mild Disease

Bitter      —Heavy or Chronic disease..  Could also be an entity.

Normal /No Taste —  No health Issue.

  • Works on health issues. Wearing it, is healing in itself.
  • It has the ability to prevent Breast cancer and will help to heal those who have it.
  • The water around that glass gets automatically charged and energized too.
  • It protects your relationship from the roving eye.
  • For Men the Sri Chakra pendant is available upon request.
  • This can be tested before and after energizing, using  an Aura camera to check the effect on the Aura and Chakras.
  • Distant Activation can also be done.
  • There is test of the activation will be done by participant to proof the activations.


Pranashakty International is conducting a 3 day residential Advance Retreat in Dubai in October.There is special discount for Dubai Retreat participants.

This activation is not part of the retreat , But for those interested in attending this process

 For those sensitive to energy, please place your palm near to this image and feel the vibration emitting from the image



Energy Exchange (Ashram Donations)

 $75/-    For Dubai Advance Retreat Participants




$100/-  For the Activation in Dubai on Saturday 17th October 2015

$150/-  For Distant Activation.


Distance activation,please provide

Clear photo of the Mangaliam/ Mangal Sutra for activation send it to

ashram@pranashakty.org together with paypal receipt.