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Master of Varma and Energy Therapy


Varma (Sanskrit: marma vidya) is a south Indian word meaning “art of vital points”. It is a branch of ancient siddha treatment to repair blood-blockades in body. Varma is the secret art of divine healing and energy based.This treatment called Varma Sasthra is not so commonly used today taught just through Gurukulam.

Master of Varma and energy Therapy

Units : 48 credit Hour:
Duration : 6 months

Registration in Progress for 2018 intake (Kuala Lumpur and Singapore)

Mode : Contact practical sessions monthly.(Weekly 8 hours/Permonth)

Development of skills and knowledge in Varma Kalai and energy treatment and its applications for general wellness and for selected diseases. Topics include varmam points, nadi system and varmam massage, theory, practical experience, activation of energy healing using prana and other esoteric energy .The module covered:

A Special Varma and Energy Therapy for autism children Refer to https://saiayurvediccollege.com/book-review-autism-varma-therapy-a-parent’s-guide/

Course conducted by Dr Sri Pranaji

New Module for year 2018 Varma class.
1. To learner the theory and practical of Sidddha Varma in the aspect of self healing and
healing other.

  1. All 108 varma point
  2. 77 healing Varma point
  3. Healing applications on Varma related disease
  4. Basic of siddha medicine and herbal preparations.
  5. Basic diagnostic based on siddha medicine
  6. Basic herbal preparations formula
  7. food as medicine

2.Energy based treatment including Aura therapy for all issue in life.

  1. Using prana to do healing therapy
  2. Chakra therapy.
  3. Aura therapy.
  4. Bone Setting using Prana
  5. Hand on practice and certification of skill will be done before graduate from this program.

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vs1802@gmail.com   (Vanitha) (017-3387945) for schedule and registration.

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