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Master of Varma and Energy Therapy


Master of Varma and energy Therapy

Units : 48 credit Hour:
Duration : 6 months

Registration in Progress for Jan 2018 intake

Mode : Contact practical sessions monthly.(Weekly 8 hours/Permonth)

Development of skills and knowledge in Varma Kalai and energy treatment and its applications for general wellness and for selected diseases. Topics include varmam points, nadi system and varmam massage, theory, practical experience, activation of energy healing using prana and other esoteric energy .The module covered:

Varma point for healing , how to manipulate for healing
Varma massage for back pain, frozen shoulder, spondylitis , knee pain and others
Basic herbal treatment
Actiavtion of all 7 chakra and prana energy channeling for healing (cancer, tumor and life threatening disease)Activation of
Aura surgery and how to cleanse aura and manage aura for
-Activation of inner beauty aura for women and Man
-Activation of  aura for charisma, Business attraction and prosperity-Activation of aura for healthy body
-Activation of energy for business place
-House cleansing aura
-Activation aura for memory and intelligent.
-And many usage of energy and aura manipulation.
-How to remove entity and shielding
-How to activate aura energy  also will be thought for student

-Special Health aura activations  


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