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About Siddha Inner Power

What is Siddha Inner Power?

Siddha Inner Power is a journey to a better and indestructible you. Come join us, along with the thousands around the world, and experience tremendous positive changes in your lives, through our Siddha Inner Power retreats. Inner Power is the most revolutionary, and only proof of methodology based system that enables one to access the resident inner power to the fullest. It is different from all other systems of Inner Power because it gives you the Ayam Shield.

The miraculous Aayam Shield that makes you incorruptible by any negativity

SASI’s Siddha Inner Power is a unique system that not only allows you to access this enormous power sleeping within you but also to use positively for self-defense, to improve your immune system, to rejuvenate your entire body, for healing and to help prevent aging (The Kayakalpa effect).

The Aayam Shield that protects you from all intentional harm

Students of inner power are given techniques and powerful activations, which are ancient techniques dating back to age of the Sufi’s and Siddhars. Once these activations are done, the student has to do a daily practice to develop and maintain ones energetic system in order o enhance the protective shield around. The simple to do exercises can be done by almost anybody with reasonable health. These daily practice is a set of simple meditations and exercises which can be done at ones own convenience. These exercises are designed to help you access Prana or Qi in a super efficient way. Within a few months of practice, you as well as people around you will notice the energy boost in you and the lack of fatigue. You will soon be known as the most dependable person at work, society and home due to your ability to do things more efficiently, more peacefully and also with more confidence. Aayam energy; the energy that is behind all these protective, transformative and healing properties of our Inner Power course can do more to your system than you can imagine………..All this in a matter of months…… These benefits are just the tip of an Ice-berg and are easily achieved within a month’s dedicated practice. These unique and miraculous benefits that are achieved within a few years of practice. Discover more on Aayam.

The results are instantaneous and verifiable

Unlike other traditional systems that help you to access the inner power, SASI Inner Power is Fast, Safe and Efficient. All traditional systems of inner power like Tai Chi, Qi Gong etc take years to attain any demonstrable amount of Inner Power. Conventional martial arts requires years of practice and hours of continuous dedicated practice to keep yourself fit and able to use it. In spite of which these technques does not guarantee any protection. Modern society today, does not have the time to spare for such slow systems. The need of the day is a self-defense and fitness system that can meet demands of today’s society and its occupants. SASI’s Inner Power system is a easy to do and super effective system which is highly beneficial to the modern human. Even though this system is very simple and easy to learn, once the activations are done and the student practices, the benefits soon becomes evident.

  • Notably your skin starts looking very fresh, vibrant and more firm. There will be a noticeable glow on your face and your presence will be felt by others.
  • The protective and highly attractive aura itself starts to make huge changes in your career, attitude, social life and personal life.
  • There is a fail safe optimisation of your health, inner faculties and paths to success opens more easily in front of you.
  • As you progress you become more vibrant and protected which means you will automatically have more professional and personal excellence, more meaningful and fulfilling relationships at work, home, community, and a continuously increase in self confidence.

Inner Power is the marriage of spiritual sciences to ancient self-defence systems of the Siddhars and the Sufi’s. Our Inner Power system has successfully established a balance between these two sciences to bring out a very fast and verifiable system of Inner Power training that is highly adapted to the modern human. All our routines and meditations easily fit into challenges of a hectic career and demanding social life. Today thousands walk the streets at night without fear of being robbed or attacked. They work and relax at home being sure that everyday is going to go smoothly without people back stabbing you and doing harm behind you. Sales people could just walk in with the magnetic aura and walk out selling his lot with less effort. Doctors find their patients more satisfied and healed by their touch, look and presence. Teachers find their students more understanding and responsive to their classes, student find their mental ability increasing and confidence building. All of them; no matter what, enjoys a more vibrant, healthy, protected and youthful living. Women find their youth returning and wrinkles disappearing….so do men.