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Uniqueness of Siddha Inner Power

The uniqueness of Auradefence’s Inner Power system cannot be described unless we do a review of the existing classical methods of Inner Power. Before we review these methods, we would like to advise the reader that Inner Power can be attained by numerous ways, either directly through various inner power practices or as a side effect of other practices like yoga, meditation, fasting, prayer and some contemporary martial arts. Here, what we are trying to dilineate from other systems, is the rapidity, efficacy, the practicality of our system of inner power. Many traditional Inner power systems like Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Yoga are well known to the world as alternative medicine systems and are being increasingly accepted and used world over for their medical benefit. (1,2,3) If we look deep into these systems we can see that these are basically energy based techniques carefully crafted to increase inner power by harnessing Chi or Prana. (4) The healing effects of these techniques form one of the immense tranfromative benefits these systems offer. However most people, except masters of these systems, are unable to tap into more than 10% potential of these energy practices. This is evident by the ever decreasing number of new masters of these arts. This is because, few are blessed with patience and time to practice, achieve and maintain such levels of Inner Power. Once achieved, such Inner Powers can guarentee good health, abilities to defend one energteically and other super human potentials. Same is the case with many martial arts forms which focus more on physical capabilities for self defence. These systems, however powerful, does not gurantee any protection and is dependednt upon a persons continous practice and hardwork. Conventionally these systems take more than 10 years of dedicated practice (6) to be even able to defend yourself from harm, as well as to use these energies to heal others. This means full-time committment to the art and a patient waiting. Results will invariably vary from person to person on the time it takes to unlock the inner powers. In todays world there are few people left with the choice of spending so much time on doing something that needs that amount of commitment. So whats the answer for the modern mans needs for non-violent self defence and holistic living in a faster way? Our Inner Power System is such an unique system that give results faster, safer and in a proven way with less than 20 minutes of practice a day. In this 20 minutes you get a wholesome exercise cum energetic practice that will take care of our body, mind and spirit towards a high speed transformation. This 20 minutes would satisfy your daily exercise requirements as well. So how do we achieve this. This is achieved by unlocking in you, certain secret energy generators located in your body and unleashing the powers hidden within. This is done during the end of the workshop and the effect is imemdiately verifiable. The inner power referred to here are those powers that the conventional systems take years to unlock. Fortunately Auradefence’s Masters Sri. Pranasiddhar and Master Raj have techniques to unlock it in you instantaneously. After unlocking your energy centres, you will be taught simple exercises, meditation techniques and breathing technqiues to access these energies and increase it around you..for.e.g. Aayam shield. When these practices are done continously for 44 days the energies get integrated into your system permanently and will not diminish till you die. There after you are only required to do a follow up practice once a week to keep the energy boosted up. Serious practitioners and people who are learning to be teachers of this system however devote more time in doing these practices.


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