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Shakti Payerchi and Prana Payerchi

Shakti Payerchi (Shakti = Power and Payerchi = exercises) is a set of anaerobic exercises that are employed to harness Prana or Chi in your body. These exercises forms the major part of the workshop training. These anaerobic exercises help to generate and store prana or chi within you. A student is expected to do these exercises  on a regular basis to increase the amount of prana in him/her,  as well as to improve his/her ability to control the prana or chi for self defense. A DVD with all details of this exercise along with a detailed instructional video will be provided during the workshop/class.

During the basic course, you will be taught two kinds of exercises

  1. The Shakti Payerchi which is done to increase the amount of prana within you, and
  2. The Prana Payerchi that is done to open certain chakras as well as to learn to manipulate your own prana or chi.

The Shakti Payerchi

The Shakti Payerchi contains the following practices,

  1. The Trisula Shakti
  2. The Vayu Shakti
  3. The Irai Shakti
  4. The Malai Shakti
  5. The Uyir Shakti
  6. The Suravali Shakti
  7. The Thuriya Shakti  and
  8. The Kavasam Shakti

Prana Payerchi

Apart from the Shakti Payerchi exercises, there is a set of eight anaerobic exercises called Prana Payerchi that enables one to apply prana for practical purposes, like self defense. These are 8 different styles of exercises that need to be done to facilitate the opening of the chakras as well as for later use while applying the prana for self-defense or other applications. These 8 exercises are the core of Inner Power employing prana and all students must master these 8 different exercises. These are:

  • Boomatha
  • Kathe Kutthu
  • Neer vilchi
  • Agni mandalam
  • Surya mandalam
  • Chandra mandalam
  • Nachitera mandalam
  • Graha mandalam.

All 8 exercises are simple, but needs patience and repetitive practice. Most of these are anaerobic in nature but have phenomenal results.