Society for Siddha Varma Kalai, Malaysia

The Persatuan Siddha Varma Kalai Malaysia is registered body under the Registrar of societies, Malaysia. Our aim is to, help Varma Kalai grow in Malaysia as an acceptable and evidence based therapy for complementary medicine as per the compliance with Ministry of Health Malaysia. We also conduct research, training programs, and health care centres and establish ourselves a world class professional society.

Access Knowledge Faster to Optimize Your Learning Capabilities

This specially-designed course allows students from all walks of life to use their brain more effectively and efficiently.

With the rapid evolution of technology over the past 10 years, we have never had more opportunity to intake knowledge faster, easier and more efficiently. However, many people lack the tools, resources and understanding on how to use the advancements to their benefit, leading to stress and depression. By using outdated learning methods, they fall behind others and miss out on the possibility for a well-balanced life.

Revolutionizing the Way We Access Knowledge

What if there was a way to maximize your effectiveness in gaining new knowledge?

You would be able to spend less time studying while learning more, allowing you to optimize your mind, your learning habits and your life!

This incredible process uses the activation and combination of simple yet impact methods, which allow you to absorb knowledge and information unlike ever before. Using the principle that ‘everything in our universe exists as an energy form’, you will be taught to active your mind to download’ knowledge from any author, alive or from the past.

Our Founders

Sri Pranasiddhar, commonly known as Sri Pranaji, is a Siddha from the Ancient 18 Siddha Yogic tradition. He was born to Smt. Muniamah Chinapa and Sri. Parasuraman on 16 November 1965, Sitiawan Perak, Malaysia. His family is composed of deeply spiritual adepts who follow the Saivite Yogic tradition of Kashmir, and the Siddha tradition of South India. Sri Pranaji is the eldest among three brothers and one sister. Sri. Pranaji’s birth name is “Manimaran,” and he currently works at Seagate Industries, Penang, Malaysia, as a Manager.

Teachings Sri Pranasiddhar is fondly known among his disciples as “Pranaji.” Sri Pranaji was instrumental in bringing the “Arut Perum Jothi” Cosmic Jothi Deeksha to this world. Sri Pranaji’s teachings and courses are widely sought after by many people worldwide due to their simplicity and openness, and due to the extremely quick results spiritual aspirants experience. He is considered “The Guru of Simplicity” who advocates spirituality for all. It has been observed that a vast majority of his followers are working class, married people. Sri Pranaji’s teachings help people to lead a perfectly balanced material, as well as spiritual, life. Many of his students, who reach great heights of spiritual growth, are evidence enough of his direct, effective, and practical approach to spirituality.



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