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சித்த வர்மக் கலைச் சங்கம்

corrected tamil word

The Persatuan Siddha Varma Kalai Malaysia is registered with Registrar of society of Malaysia.

The main vision and mission

  • To help Varmam grow in  Malaysia  as a acceptable and evidence based therapy for complementary medicine as per the compliance with Ministry of Health Malaysia.
    • To conduct research on the hidden knowledge of ancient siddha arts like varmam  to treat health related problems, with or without traditional medicines.
    • To establish varmam medical service centres and varmam massage centres throughout Malaysia
    • To promote science based learning of the art while maintaining traditional value as per Siddha tradition.
  • To provided training courses to promote therapeutic varmam in Malaysia
    • Thru organizing class, seminar and providing certificated based training and workshop.
    • To create and continue update the vast knowledge thru systematic training methodologies as per modern training system to preserve the content and accuracy of knowledge and skill transfer
    • To affilate and associate with  Institution(local or India), society or learning center that will help promote varmam arts
  • To be a world-class professional society, which is recognized and respected internationally for varmam and make it as center for reference for this varmam kalai.