The Advance Autism Varma Therapy: Energetic Nokku Varma

A Revolutionary Breakthrough In Autism Therapy (Siddha Psy Energy Varma)

Most autisticchildren areaffected by the neuro or psychology (behavioral) issues that may happen due tothe learned behavior either due to some conditioning or for an unknownreason. Also, it was a combinationof the two factors. Just like other disorders, this disorder also comes with treatment. A number of treatment plans are available out there, but there is the requirement to select a treatment plan carefully. The selection of treatment also depends on the cause behind thedisorder. As it is understood, lots of reasons may play their role in causing a specific health issue and the person can get the besttreatment only when a clear diagnosis is made. The procedure should be selected on the basis of the exactcause. Till now, we have Varma therapy to handle the neuro aspect of the autism spectrum but not much progress done on the behavioral aspect.

How Subconscious Mind Affects Behavior?

It is important to know the fact that subconsciousaffects the person’s behavior. The behavior results from a person’semotions and the subconscious mind havethe capability to control the emotions. It can be said that the subconsciousmind plays its major and vital role to affect the behavior. It controls what a person does in most of the situations. For example, if a person has faced bullying behavior in the childhood, then he may not be able to face strange people or it may be difficult for him to attend social gatherings. He may not know the main reason behind it. In such situation, it is the subconscious that makeshim feel anxious in front of others because of the past experience (Radwan, 2018).

Scientists have performed their research on this aspect and they stated that the subconsciousmind is more powerful as compared to the conscious mind. Some of the researchers have provided the aspect that if the person can control his subconscious mind to perform some specific acts then he can be indulged in his desired and extraordinary behaviors. In a documentary entitled ‘What the bleep do we know’, Dr. Joe Dispenza describes a fact that a healthy human brain has the capability to process 400 billion bits of information in a second. Hence, the conscious mind just gets almost 2000 bits of that informationand the rest information is collected by the unconscious.

People perform specific behaviors by following the conscious mind, hence most of those acts are dependent on the subconscious mind. In some ways, they may like a reflexaction, but they are different in diverse ways. When the physical reflex action is performed, there is a specific action or the element of disturbance presents in or around a person, and prior to a person realize it, the body reacts to that particular element. Well, right after the reflex action, the person knows how the body reacted. On the other hand, in case of subconscious behavior that is also known as a mentalreflex action, most probably the conscious mind is not aware of what happened and in what ways the subconscious reacts to a particular stimulus. Also,it is stated that the consciousmind is analytical and logical. It works according to logic. On the contrary, the subconsciousmind is illogical so it affects most of the behaviors (Awakening, 2018).

In autistic children, most of the behaviors are affected by the unconscious mind. The autism may happen as a result of genetic predisposition, chemical imbalance, or any other related cause. In such situations, the unconscious mind affects the behavior of autistic children. Also, autistic children have verbal communication issues.

What Are The Core Issues In Autism?

Autistic children also have an issuein verbal communication. They cannot speak smoothly when talking to others specifically in a crowd or in front of a stranger. They feel hesitation and lower confident due to which they cannot communicate properly (White et al., 2009).

My experience in doing the Varma therapy and teaching parent for 5 years, I have further my study on Varma and found out in the SiddhaVarma traditions there is thesolutionfor it. This aspect of treatment come under the Nokku Varma or what I term it” Psy-energy Varma” for short we call PV.

How Parents Feel And What They Can Do?

Not only for the child but it is also difficult for the parents of the child to cater tothe situation. Sometimes, parents of the autistic children feel anxious, guilty, depressed, angry, or confused. They feel frustration when their child becomes unresponsive, angry, clumsy, or hyperactive. Also, they may be frustrated when they do not know how the autism spectrum disorder may affect a child. The false judgment leads them to develop frustration. Also, they become anxious not only for the presentof their child but also for the future. They become worried abouthow their child will be able to cope all these symptoms and disrupted behavior in the present as well as in the future (Ludlow, Skelly & Rohleder, 2012).

Here, the question raises what the parents can do. First of all, early diagnosis is essential to treat the problem. Mental health experts suggest a number of ways to the parents to deal with their children with autism. Parents should also show their interest in learning the ways through which they can help their children. Hence, it is essential to double check and make sure that the information is correct. Being informed will help them to become a better advocate for the child. We are here to assist you and provide you the opportunities in the fields of education, development, and health. The purpose of support groups is to help parents to collect accurate information and the techniques to help them and their children with autism.

What is Nokku Varma?

Varma Therapy is a special branch of Siddha medicine. Varmam is otherwise known as Marmam or Jeevan. A human body requires Dasavayus (10 vayus) namely Pranan, Abanan, Viyanan, Udanan, Samanan, Nagan, Koorman, Kirukaran, Dananjayan, Devadathan, for its proper functioning each vayuhas its own function to keep the body healthy and disease free. Among all thesePrananor Pranavayu is the most important one. Pranavayu controls the function of the whole body (Siddha Varma Kalai, 2018).

Agasthiyar Siddhar in Varma Kannadi who formulated this art says that Varma is linked to all important points of the body that controlsand manipulate a human body, mind,andspirit.


“Appanaevarmathiladipidivettukuthukatrupin varisayudanpin varmaelakkuseyyae”

Varmam is a holistic therapy on its own and tackles the mind body and spirit. A Varmam therapist needs to have in-depth knowledge about the nerves and physical structure of the body to do an effective treatment. In modern days, only afewsuch therapists do exist and the Siddha world is trying to preserve this art of healing such as “Siddha maruthuvam” and therapeutic healing called “Varma” in the field of medicine. “Yoga Sutras” of Patanjali for overall well-being and “Thirumandhiram” which is considered as the bible for “Thanthric Yoga is the highest form of Varma Kalai. By using NOKKU VARMAM, we can access Varma Kalaipoints of a person without touching him. We can also access Varmapoints of an individualwho is in a remote location. In Varma Kalai, NOKKU VARMAM is mainly used for mind control and treating psychological (mental) disorders. We can make the person attain a deepstate of relaxation using this. It is the highest Varma Kalaiskill which will take many years to achieve the goal.

Varmalogy is a systematic study of vital points (varmams) on the humanbody and also on animal bodies. The vital points (varmams) are located on nerves, nerve joints, bones, muscles, ligaments and inner organs. Right or wrong vibration of the vital points (varmams) will either promote or impair health.

This PV able by using certain Varma point and specific energy can able to correct and heal the behavioral issue.

How Does It Work?

Varma therapy is a holistic approach that is used to treat lots of mental and physical health issues. The PV energy when channels through certain Varma points, it will be able to send a signal to specificbrain and subconsciousrealm of mind to make the changes. The treatment will be effective when combiningd with normal Varma therapy and with a combinationof PV, the results can be almost evidence within 3 months. In most cases that I tried a maximum3x PV therapy can make the child recover from the autism symptoms. Hence, in some cases,the changes are evident by a single therapy ( this observed on very mild autism kids). The number of varmapoints is108. But effective nokku Varma currently discovered is 7-9 points. This art is based on the science of Siddha.

To make it simple, let’s say there is access to our hidden subconscious mind that can be accessedthrough certain points and with a certainenergy. We can make desired changes to the mind and subsequently the behavioral aspects by using these points and energy. The approach is physical and psychological in nature and performed through Varma therapy. This therapy can be done face-to-face or through distant approach. The person should adhere to the fact that it may take some more time when performed through distance as compared to the face-to-face session. The PV energy focus is less intense in distant therapy.
The main block for this treatment is if there was previous drug based therapy done on the autism kids specialy pyschtropic drugs.

Expected Treatment durations.

  • 1. For mild autism and single behavior (7-14 days)
  • 2. For severe and chronic Autism (for single behavior) 14 days to 44 Days
  • 3. Child below 7 years, this therapy suitable and for adult that is above 12 years the treatment duration may be longer.

What are the symptoms can be treated?

Following is a list of symptoms that can be applied by using Varmatherapy.

  • Aggression and self-injury
  • Social and communication problems
  • Repetitive behaviors and restricted interests
  • Psychiatric conditions common to people with ASD
  • Other challenging issues common to autism
  • Noise sensitivity
  • Sleep problems and other sleep issues
  • Sensory issues: seeking and avoiding
  • Mood instability and meltdowns

Benefits Of Varma Therapy

With the help of this therapy, parents can give a head start to their child to open up a world of opportunities. Following are the benefits that the person can avail as a result of this therapy. Have a look!

  • Improvement in memory functioning
  • Enhanced sporting capabilities
  • Hormonal balance
  • Intuitive nature
  • Develops concentration
  • Balanced use of right and left brain
  • Emotional stability
  • Heightened creativity

As this therapy still at early stage, more experiments and data are needed. No drug or any other substance is used in this therapy. In fact, it is a holistic approach that concentrates on the in-depth knowledge of the humanbody. The pressure points of the body are used to treat the cause of a specific health issue. This health issue can be physical or psychological. Studies revealed that Varmatherapy serves as an effective treatment to cure autism or at least manage their emotional and verbal issues. Also, help them to manage their anger. The Initial trial with some autistic kids shows almost 70% improvement in their behavior in the timeperiod of 2-3 weeks.

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, it is difficult for the children with autism to deal with the symptoms they have. It is difficult for the children to assess what they are going through. Also, it is difficult for the parents to know the ways inwhich they can deal with the emotions and behaviors of their child successfully. Varma therapy is a holistic approach that serves its amazing benefits to treat autistic children. Also, it helps parents to manage their children through learning and gaining knowledge about both autism and its treatment (Varmatherapy). If your child is going through a difficult situation, you should seek effective help. You may contact us anytime to get professional assistance. My experience in this field makes me the bestchoice for those who want to reduce the complications in the lifeof their children struggling autism.

Who should learn this therapy

All people that deal with ASD be it therapist, psychologist , ASD care center. This will be additional tools for you to help manage ASD and provide therapy for the children. As this is no drug based therapy, it very safe for children. The only qualification needed is the person must believe in energy and it healing power as this use combination pressure point and various energy used thru simple mantra activations.Some may say it a spiritual based therapy but to make it simple , it was natural therapy as we all energy being.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it” Einstein

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