Siddha Mindful Meditation

Perfecting this art is now effortless!

Reducing the time to achieve greater state mindfulness – through Varma Activation

Duration - 2 days

This is a ‘Train the Trainer’ program. Those who are willing to become trainers are invited. 



Course Overview

Varmam for spirituality and peace

Profound, with instant benefits

The mediator will experience the art of perfect meditation just days after activation and can fully take charges of this practice to themselves confidently. This approach proves to be one of the most important and profound, as well as achieving instant benefit. It is called the ‘Siddha Way’!

Mental wellness – a grave concern

And no one knows how to deal with it

As per World Mental Health Organisations, 74% of people in the recent years have felt so stressed they are overwhelmed or unable to cope with the living. Some dwell into habits like smoking, drinking for ‘temporary relief’ while others fall into depression or experience massive anxieties, loneliness, self harming or even suicidal thoughts.

Renaissance awaits 

All is not negative

On a positive note, the art of meditating for self improvement has been increasing in today’s lifestyle, Practices like individual to cultivating mindfulness or focusing the mind on particular object, thought or activity or to train attention and awareness – all in the purpose of achieving clarity and peace of the mind as well as the stability of emotions are happingin.


Course Objectives & Outcomes

In traditional methods like Buddhism, the art in perfecting meditation and achieving positive results takes a span of 15 to 20 years; that too if its done correctly. This is because of perfecting the state or achieving each levels of meditators differs, even so for diligent practitioners. It involves a psychological process which simply bringing one’s attention to experience occurring, present moment without bias or judgement. Other ancient methods also examplified by using ‘prana’ or ‘chi’ energy to achieve profound effect.

There’s been a wide speculating tools and methods to attain meditative states by using technological utilizing aspects such as sound, wave patterns, audio programmings etc in the efforts to solve through the modern approach of meditation. Unfortunately, this does not help much as the method provided were simply another ways of programming, hypnotizing or manipulating minds – by tuning to certain brain waves or system; thus becoming dependent and not achieving the core of a true, meditating aspects.


Here in the Siddha system, this can achieved on a shorter span by involving activation process through certain point/varma point in the body. The result will be almost immediate therefore reducing the time to achieve greater state mindfulness.


Master the art of mindfulness

The power to tune or flow with our mind without the needs to force nor strain to stopping or straining thoughts. This is a very important key of achieving through this Siddha system,


Control of thoughts means power to manifest

Customize your thoughts and manifest your own reality


Lower stress, better mental health

Lower your stress levels. Prevent depression relapse and decrease loneliness in seniors. Banish temporary negative feelings. Lowered anxiety levels and eexperience of being calm and internally still.


Weight Loss

Make progress toward your weight-loss goals.


Better brain functioning, better focus

Improve attention and higher brain functioning. Increased awareness, attention, focus, clarity in thinking and perception


Better immunity & health

Increased immune function, experience of feeling general wellbeing


Ability to focus energy instantly

Ability to manage your current ways of focusing energy, instantly. 


Any time, anywhere

The conviniece of practising on any given situations or time.


Get better sleep.

Get better sleep and promote well being


A better heart

Lowered blood pressure and healthy heart rate


Manage chronic pain.

Manage chronic pain.


Better academics

Improve academic performance


Improve relationship

Improvement in every aspect of personality in turn improves relationships

Online Meditations

This is sample of online mindful meditation for you to try. Just look the image for a minute and close your eye. The energy will make your mind focus and relax without any effort from your part. Just keep close eye for 10 to 15 minute

Online Meditations.

The Training Method

This is a teacher training program. Each training will be conducted over 2 days. Students will learn both the theoretical ideology and receive practical training, allowing them to understand how to interact with their clients. 

No Certificates are provided

No certificates are provided in this course.

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