Access Knowledge Faster to Optimize Your Learning Capabilities

This specially-designed course allows students from all walks of life to use their brain more effectively and efficiently.

With the rapid evolution of technology over the past 10 years, we have never had more opportunity to intake knowledge faster, easier and more efficiently. However, many people lack the tools, resources and understanding on how to use the advancements to their benefit, leading to stress and depression. By using outdated learning methods, they fall behind others and miss out on the possibility for a well-balanced life.

Revolutionizing the Way We Access Knowledge

What if there was a way to maximize your effectiveness in gaining new knowledge?

You would be able to spend less time studying while learning more, allowing you to optimize your mind, your learning habits and your life!

This incredible process uses the activation and combination of simple yet impact methods, which allow you to absorb knowledge and information unlike ever before. Using the principle that ‘everything in our universe exists as an energy form’, you will be taught to active your mind to download’ knowledge from any author, alive or from the past.

As all of the information is completely available, you can use all the knowledge you receive without it being plagiarism, as you just must give proper reference to those who originally created the ideas.

The Benefits of this ‘downloading’ of Knowledge

Access Knowledge More Efficiently

You can learn and understand more information, concepts and ideas faster and easier than ever.

Expand Your Learning Capacity

By discovering ways to use your brain more effectively, you will be able to maximize your learning and information retention capacity, increasing your overall knowledge.

Reduce Stress

In order to ‘download’ the information, you need to be in a state of total relaxation. You will learn to use power relaxation techniques that help your mental and physical well-being.

Course Time: 4 Hours ⏰

Course Facilitator: Simrin Nadkerni

This course is suitable for students of all diverse backgrounds, programs and learning capabilities.

About the Facilitator

Ms Simrin Nadkerni, is young and vibrant teacher who has been following the siddha system from the age of 16. She is a disciple of Sri Pranaji and recently become an acharya, whose spiritual name Sri Jothi Shivashakty Ma.

She has passion to bring the new generation toward better understanding this millennium’s challenges, maintaining the new generation’s spirit as well as connecting the ancient science of spiritual relevance to the modern age. She is passionate about making the world a better place to live, and learn to live happily. She has learned many of the siddha arts, and also is an expert in energy and psychology of the mind. She has been traveling around the world with her master to teach the new spiritual science. She is an expert in the “download process”, an inner beauty master, and also the siddha science of energy.

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