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Free Varmam Treatment Camp, Penang, Malaysia


Free Varmam Treatment Camp, Penang, Malaysia

Pranashakty International together with Siddha Applied science Institute and Penang HYO, celebrated Swami Ramlingam’s (Vallalar) birthday by offerring Free Varmam Treatment from 7th to 13th October2012 at Naza talya hotel, Penang, Malaysia. More than 250 people attended and many got relief from suffering which they had for years with a simple touch.

Varmam treatment was also offered at  Karate center, simpang ampat penang and Johor, Malaysia.

People suffering from severe arthritis  slip disc to diabetic, nerve, paralysis, stroke, heart disease and impotency were treated during these camps.

All the ICP qualified students from different countries will now offer these treatments at respective centers.