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Uses no chemicals Heals emotional issues Softens skin Aura like glowing sun Improves body shape Cleanses & Rejuvenates Protection & Power

Beauty, health & power – with just energy. Reveal the Goddess within!

We’re coming to India!

We’re extending our training and therapies to India.

Unleash Your Radiance & Empower yourself with Siddha Energy-Based Therapies


A small, simple word but with momentous meaning.

Siddha Inner Beauty Program uses Cosmic energy to reveal your true beauty. Doing that needs work on all dimensions – including physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Your physical appearance, youthfulness, grace,  charisma, and power can be systematically revealed through various training levels. Some of the changes are instantaneous, and no one can miss your golden aura and charishma.

Welcome to Siddha Inner Beauty Program.

Introducing, for the first time in the world

A system that invokes beauty from all dimensions to bring a profound change and influence!

No Chemicals. Only Energy.

A beauty therapy that uses the life force energy to invoke beauty of skin and physical body.

Multi dimentional approach

Our apporach to beauty is not just physical. It is also about magnetic and charismatic aura, power, and influence.

Heal . Cleanse . Rejuvenate

Powerful methods for emotional & physical healing and deep rejuvenation.

How does it influence through all dimensions?

Physical Level

Energies used in Siddha Inner Beauty are hand-picked from ancient Kayakalpa practices. It can re-ignite cell metabolism and enhance the cleansing process. The positive effects on the skin can be seen within a week. It cleanses nerves and enables them with ability to channel more energy. It regulates blood flow and enhances immunity. Youthfulness, health, great skin, and deep healing start transforming you.


The physical transformation is not limited to being healthy. Our energies help you to improve your physical appearance by improving the shape of your face and body. These changes are something people around you just can’t miss!

Emotional Level

Connection between a great mind and beauty are scientifically established facts. Siddha Inner Beauty has energies to work on all aspects of  women’s’ mental health. If you are not happy from within, however you portray or cover it, will eventually reflect in your outer beauty. Your skin will have visible effects based on your happiness level.

Energy Level

Your Charisma overpowers any negative influence around you. It helps in receiving positive attention, acceptance and even influence others mentally. Siddha Inner Beauty transforms your aura. It fill it with a golden glow and increases your field of influence.  You will also be trained with energetic tools for protection, have ability to receive energy from goddesses.


How is it done?

  • In the retreat, we will teach you the ancient method of energy using the mantra Diksha and a special energy activation that will allow you to channel the energy for yourself and others.
  • On the physical level, these energies work on rejuvenating skin, cleansing nerves, and transforming the physical body, thereby bringing youthfulness. It also makes you healthier.
  • On the energy level, it creates a strong charismatic aura that works like a magnet beyond physical beauty. It also creates an aura that creases visible glow and radiance. We will remove negative energies that block the flow of light through you. Then fill your energy body with the light of divine inner beauty.
  • On the emotional level, it cleanses the heart and makes you happier and relaxed.
  • The course not only gives you beauty but also provides you divine tools for protection, prosperity, knowledge, and many other attributes that are required for the success of your life.

Levels of Siddha Inner Beauty

Level 1

  • Activating the glow of Jothi in the face
  • Activating the healing on a physical level (Breast massage for anti
    cancer abilities)
  • Reshaping the face (Energetic Plastic Surgery)
  • Meditation for Inner Peace and Inner Beauty Glow
Level 2
  • Aura Surgery
  • Immune booster therapy
  • Post menopause therapy
  • Chakra and Aura therapy-for health, wealth, and prosperity
  • Goddess therapy- A part of Navasiddhi Parvathy for black magic protection and family
  • Relationship Therapy-To improve relationship.
Level 3
  • Full Body siddha varma massage
  • Women emotional therapy
  • Full Navasiddhi Parvathy empowerment

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