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Siddha Inner Beauty


The Truth Behind True Beauty

Beauty, they say, is in the eye of the beholder and although a good physical appearance is an
immediate attraction, true and total beauty unfolds from an inner source that is rooted in our
chakra system. This endless source of beauty, inner peace and strength emanates from five
harmonious and integrated layers: spiritual, emotional, mental, sensorial and physical or
external. Their ability to make micro- and macro- transformations generates total harmony
within and without the sheaths, realigning proper functioning of the entire organism.
Modern technology is quite adept at addressing skin-deep beauty with highly sophisticated and
effective topical applications.
The Siddhar tradition of knowledge, however, avers that true beauty care should scratch beyond
the surface and all distinct, yet parallel aspects should be addressed with the ultimate objective
being the total experience of true beauty.




Level One (For Ladies Only)
The Siddha tradition of knowledge believes that true beauty care should go beyond the surface and all aspects should be addressed with the ultimate objective being the total experience of true beauty. Using Varmam and energy, a revolutionary method that beauty a natural appearance and not an cosmetic effect.

  • Siddha Inner Beauty is a unique system designed specially for women to enhance the physical, mental and emotional aspects of beauty.
  • This methodology has been developed from an ancient tradition in Southern India.
  • This system has a unique “Inner Cell Activation”, which will manifest radical inner changes and transformation to the skin and body. It will stimulate a “glow” to the whole body and produce a clear and radiant face.
  • This is a natural, safe, and powerful chemical free method without the risks associated with conventional forms of beauty therapy.
  • A powerful varmam point activation plus special massage system will help naturally to bring the Beauty out from you.


Inner Beauty Level One participants will receive the “Inner Cell Activation” which stimulates cell regeneration and reverse aging processes. You will be amazed at the instantaneous results which can be achieved and observed through this ancient secret method. You will also receive a free bottle of Inner Beauty Oil, the special oil used by royalty in India during ancient times. This oil contains a rare combination of herbs and pure gold, blended by hand for 9 hours and infused with beauty enhancing energies. This pure golden oil carries high vibrations capable of healing and giving you a radiant glow overnight!Inner Beauty Level One participants will also learn:

  • Secret Inner Beauty Mantras for self healing and activating the glow in the face
  • Special Inner Beauty Yoga postures to enhance your form and figure
  • Inner Beauty Massage Techniques which have a curative and overall health effect
  • Inner Beauty Facial massage for a clear, smooth and soft skin
  • Inner Beauty practices to maintain youthful appearance

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You will be able to use all of the above techniques to become more attractive and radiate confidence, charisma and true beauty.

The workshop setup:

Minimum 20 participant

8 hours training/one day workshop

To Arrange workshop and be an organiser, Please Contact:  Varma@siddhainstitute.com