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Kayakalpa self empowerment




Our bodies are full of mystical centres that store vast amounts of knowledge and energy that can heal all of our diseases and maintain the body as disease-less (Arokia Deham). This same knowledge was also given through the art of varma and Siddha medicine, but it was hidden knowledge, given through codes indecipherable to most of humanity. We have now rediscovered and modified this ancient knowledge to suit modern times, using a more practical approach and removing some of the antiquated rituals that are not suited to the current needs of humanity.


The secret is that in every joint in our bodies, there is a hidden healing and restorative energy that remains non-active or dormant in most people. With proper activation and accompanying exercise, the full potential of the energy can be used for self-healing and the kayakalpa process. This simple yet powerful kayakalpa program is created for the general public, for anyone, regardless of personal history or background. This effective program shows visible, qualitative and quantitative results within the first 6 months of practice.


What are the Benefits?

  • Instant changes in personal energy level right after activation; in some cases, minor diseases are cured instantly
  • Visible changes in the skin of the body and face can be observed in a few weeks
  • Simple physical exercises will increase the immunity level, regeneration process and allow the body to heal some life threatening diseases like cancer. This is a curative and therapeutic exercise
  • A simple universal meditation to help ease the mind, which is also key for a healthy body
  • There will be increased levels of energy in the body to assist in day-to-day activities. Your productivity and creativity will increase
  • The key issue in modern times… stress; will be eliminated from the system with this activation and accompanying exercises
  • After 6 months of practice, you can also perform simple healing and your body will generate a “replication aura”
  • This program is for all people regardless of belief system or religion, as it is based in a human science


Overview of the Program:

  1. A 30-minute activation process opening all the “healing centres” in the body, which allows for proper functioning of the body’s natural energy system. This is the key process in the program
  2. A simple and powerful exercise will be taught to the participant. This exercise is 10 minutes in length, and it is relatively simple
  3. A simple meditation, which lasts only 5 minutes

It is definitely worthwhile to spend 15 minutes a day on this program for your body; remember: Health is Wealth!


How we plan to implement this program:

This is a seva-based program in which we will train and empower a “trainer “ to conduct the program. We teach this trainer program for free. Those that want to do seva for other people, can join and be a master teacher with a minimum fee for administrative costs. The “train the trainer” program, if at maximum capacity, will be a 2-day program since it involves giving full (individual) empowerment to activate the “healing points” in the body.


1.The Healing Points



There are a total of 58 healing points that hold the power of healing in the body. In fact, these points have the power to produce longevity and slow down the ageing process. This secret of the human body was revealed together with 18 points for spiritual ascension. There is a special energy activation and empowerment that will be given to the “master teacher,” and this will act as conduit to the opening of the points.


Some of the effects felt during the opening include:

  1. A warm electric current flowing through the body
  2. The skin may glow
  3. A deep sense of calm
  4. Visions of light or colours
  5. The instant healing of some minor diseases
  6. A feeling of “high energy,” or being energized
  7. Magnification of the aura
  8. Some body pain if there is a serious disease in the body, therefore a “healing crisis” is experienced
  9. Ojas and tejar will start forming in the face area and can be sensed by others


2. The Arokia Payerchi

This simple exercise will help flow the energy from the activated points to the whole body. It is so simple that even elderly people can do it. It includes some simple, yet effective, breathing practices.


3. Mindful Meditation

A simple breath awareness meditation to produce a healthy mind.

This simple yet powerful program will reset and reactivate the body’s inherent healing and rejuvenative qualities.

There will be additional knowledge shared with participants on healing mudras and basic herbal preparations for general health.