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Prosperity, wealth ,health and Name



Prosperity, wealth ,health and Name

Your name is not given by your parents! Believe in it. You got your name because of the effects of the deeds done by you in your previous births. If you have done good things, then your name will have the potentiality to lead you to success in all of your undertakings. If you have done wrong things, then accordingly your name reflects bad vibrations which lead you into troubles. So remember, even though your name is given by your parents, they have given that name to you by the instinct guided by your previous deeds.Our siddhar have found a way how to correct this effect of name by way of locking the name to wealth,health and prosperity. This name mystically lock to the cosmic power that govern the wealth, health and prosperity. The “locking: are so powerful, that by just saying your name will create and powerful vibration and energy that can be demonstrated. This hidden secret revealed to me , it quiet a tedious process that need some “karmic clearance”.
The moment your name locked and activated. It will carry the vibration of health and prosperity. How we know the name was activated.

1.Simply by saying name once to the glass of water once, the water will be energized and can be tested.
2 Everybody that call your name, thinking or even writing an e-mail, the positive vibration will be created. All this can be tested.
3.Energy from your name can be used to heal people, animals and plant. Just say your name to water and drink it or say to affected area.
4.The more people use your name, more positive result will flow..no effort from your side.

What we need and How long the Activation process

1. We need your frequently call name, so if your know as short name or other name which everybody use,
2. To avoid pronunciation error, a simple recording of your name may needed.
3.The Activation process will take 1 week

We will inform you once the activation done and will tell you how to test and proof that the activation work for you. This is not some vaastu sasthra or feng shui type of program, it is real energy based and can be proven energetically.


“All the powers in the universe are already ours. It is we who have put our hands before our eyes and cry that it is dark.” – Swami Vivekananda

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Testimonial of Recent activations.

OMG masterrrrrrrrr .. This experience is out of the world..i am in bliss. Got my name activation done…OMG masterrrrrrrrr … I am in bliss. As I said my name & started blowing my whole body was vibrating.I could just feel all my insides bursting with energy.. I started chanting my name & felt as though I was floating.. I drank the water & feel a whole new me.. Can actually feel a gush all through my body.. I just feel like bowing down in surrender… really master .. Words fail me when my heart is so full of gratitude.

Vrushali. Dubai

My name activation Is amazing. After an exhausted day, i was just falling asleep
after midnight yesterday
I got a txt from Master to test my activation. I did the water energization, the water felt/tasted
Soft and light. I immediately felt exuberant and my vision got very
focused and my mental clarity was really sharp. 5 minutes later i got a rush of energy, total bowel flush that left me with no exhaustion. I woke up today drank some more of the water and got a rush of joy and love, happiness without a cause, gratitude for everything. Its hard to put an experience into words. Everytime i drink the water im getting a surge of gentle golden energy. The Bliss
Mobile is on its way!

Maria New York

Today I feel so weird for no reason. I meditated and I did the Ananda Siddhi transmission so early in the morning. The day was cloud and fresh. Since my name was activated, I decided to do the test. I put my hand in the glass of water and I felt the energy. While I was chanting my name, I felt energy in my body. My face, nose and forehead itched me a lot. It was like bunch of butterflies stay on my face ( this is one of my signals when I feel energy). The heat increased in my hand and the rest of the body. I drank the water and my weird mood changed immediately. I feel super happy and more energetic. This is the boost that I need today. Amazing experience!!!! 
Master you made my day!!!Thank you so Much Master for activating my name. Many blessings for you and your family!!!

Carol New Jersey