Online Remedies

We at varmamkalai as part of “seva” service to humanity, will help to create distance healing using unique system of varma and energy to help people through online healing. Our goal is to cover as much as possible that can be done through distance, and use online services to reach people? because there are some chronic issues that need to be handled hands-on with proper procedure. We hope you benefit from our service, and that it will help alleviate some of your suffering even if not fully, but as quick remedies.You would still need hands on therapy for root cause solutions.

We try cover

  • 1. Stress Therapy
  • 2. Sleep Therapy
  • 3. PMS
  • 4. Migraine
  • 5. High blood pressure
  • 6. Fatigue relieve
  • 7. Quick Heart stabilities under emergency while pending doctor (any short way to explain)
  • 8. Post chemo cancer detox

Do you have need any help

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