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Varmam For Special Children (Autism)

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Siddha Applied Science Institute (SASI), Malaysia and Persatuan Siddha varma kalai Malaysia has started a free Energy and Varmam treatment workshop to train parents in managing special children toward self recovery and assimilate them back to society. The scope of this program covers special children as defined as “children with autism,  dyslexia”.
It has been clinically validated (no official paper been published yet) in many studies conducted in India that Varmam therapy can give 40% improvement in special children, SASI wishes to enhance it a bit further by augmenting the effects with energy. Many undocumented success cases has been reported in India specially in south India, where some claims up to 70% improvement of an Autism child back to normal level.

The concept is based on understanding that, this special children with Autism had some how have  a poor energy flow to the brain and distribution of energy within the brain.

1. Under developed brain either due to genetics, enviroment or still many unknown reason. 

2.The energy from the brain and to the brain does not connect well with central nervous system

3.Flow of life force energy is not distributed in left and right side of the brain.

There are many studies confirmed that brain was the cause of the autism.



The system designed by SASI uses the combination of energy therapy, where cosmic energy and prana is circulated through the nervous system to rebuild and strengthen the energy flow in affected part of brain or related neurological area along with stimulation of specific varmam points (The basic Protocol). When a relevant varmam point is activated and massaged, the enhanced energy flow is channelized into needed area to regenerate and build the connection for recovery. In addition to the basic protocol, additional varmam points will be stimulated based on the condition of the individual child. For e.g. a children having problem with eye sight, varmam points related to eye sight will be stimulated.

This process helps in to,
1. Protects the brain cells.
2. Helps in development of brain cells.
3. Enhances distribution of brain energy in the body.
4. Enhances the sensory and motor divisions of the nervous system.
5. Enhances oxygen inhalation and its distribution in the body.
6. Strengthens internal organs (i.e. heart, lungs, liver, gallbladder and spleen) in the body.

What is Energy? The therapeutic energy used here is, a simple back to basics approach on how to utilize abundant, universal healing energy called Parashakty that is transferred through the hands of therapist to the client to boost the self healing system of a person.

What are Varmam and Varmakalai? Varmam denotes concentrated pools of life force energy in the human body. Varmam itself is a science, an independent branch of Siddha medicine with its own texts on physiology, anatomy, diagnosis and treatment. Varmakalai was in practice, since the 5th century AD and mostly used in the war front as an efficient method of cure and revival.

The knowledge in varmam about energy flow in the human body and how to manipulate is something science yet fully understood.Below is the Link show the graphical form presentation of the 10 type of nadi and it flow.

Dasa Nadi (the 10 type of energy flow) in human body based on Varmam

Varmam in Spine

Varmam in Spine responsible for energy supply in various brain functions.

SASI do not wish to make any claims, but proposes to give loving and caring treatment to children leading them into the path of recovery. We believe this is the most safe treatment methodology where there is no internal medicine involved, but only 2 x 10 minute a day procedure with which many has been benefitted.It was observed that changes on behavioural toward recovery are noticed in some case 40% to 70%

Sample video on Varmam Autism Therapy

Varma therapy for autistic children-intro2

How we intend to do this? Through free workshop to train parents to do the treatment with simple hands on training. We request all support and well wishes from likeminded people in making our children live better.We like NGO or any organisation that intrested with the therapy to contact us :



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A Book for Parents of autistic child for self varmam treatment.