Varmam Therapy in Canada

Varmam Therapy to Remove Blockages

Varmam are vital points in the body that act as energy transformers or batteries. They form centers for boosting the vital prana flow through the intricate nadi system of the body. Nature by its design has protected these vital centers by placing them deep inside the body or by covering them with tissues inaccessible to normal attempts of breach. Their presence, location and action are totally unknown to modern medicine. Today scientific evidence is growing on the presence of sub microscopic energy channels in the body, nadi’s, as described by the Siddhars, yet science is too young to comprehend the intricate nadi system that governs the non-physical system of energy flow, the foundation of vital pranic forces. The Siddhars long ago had discovered the presence of 72,000 nadis in the body and have described in detail the action and location of each of them. They have also described the location of 108 varmam or vital points that could heal or harm the human body when properly manipulated, through touch, pressure or striking, by an expert.

Varmam therapy is a holistic therapy on its own and tackles the body, mind and spirit. A varmam expert understands the underlying links between the body, prana and the mind. Varmams have been classified based on the type of pressure needed to injure (a) Paduvarmam (varmam due to injury), (b) Thodu varmam (by touch); Thattu varmam (by blows), Thaduvu varmam (by massage); Nakku varmam (by licking); and Nokku (by staring). The widely used and recognized ones are the 12 Paduvarmam’s and 96 Thoduvarmam’s as you would guess, there is less consistency with the other categories simply because of the way of application or the deeper knowledge needed to apply them. In these categories the Nokku varmam is the most awe generating and is rarely seen practiced, as those masters who were able to do this are almost extinct.

This Siddha massage or thadavu murai has been known for the application of varma points to achieve cures from disease. Varma or pranic points in the body are centers that control, regulate and maintain pranic flow and thus vital force distribution all over the body. In other words these varma points are pranic batteries that act as intermittent boosters to enable effective conduction of vital forces throughout the body. Any impact to these varma points due to accident or in combat will disrupt the flow of vital force. Depending on the location and activities controlled, the severity of the outcome of an impact will be anywhere between lethal to chronic damaging effects arising after several years.

Siddha massage was born by the marriage of martial arts to Siddha Medicine. The art of varma kalai has been war tested and proven even before the advent of modern medicine. This system of curative massage is taught to trained Siddha therapists in the EAT Certification Program. This will enable the Siddha therapists to apply different thadavu murai to cleanse and purify the nadi’s and physical body of the client.

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