Varmam Treatment

Varmam Treatment: A Direct Experience

Today I share a very remarkable experience of mine working with the Sri. Vijyan Gurukkal, the varmam consultant for SASI. Vijayan gurukkal is a traditional Siddha Physician, a Kalaripayattu Guru, who does Varmam treatments in his clinic attached to his humble house. Yesterday I walked into the treatment center, as usual, to listen to various treatises in varma kannadi, the ancient scripture on Varmam. But today he beckoned me to follow him into his therapy centre and asked me to evaluate a boy sitting on a stool. As the Asan (the name ubiquitously used for masters of any Siddha arts) very soft-spoken, quick to laugh smiled at my puzzled look, he gestured me to go on and check the nadi (pulse) for varma damages.

The history of the kid, now 12 years old, came down like a shocking story, soaked in tears of his father, of medical negligence and years of wasted efforts in treatments spanning from Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Unani. He got a severe spinal injury when a spinal tap was attempted in a hospital and the then already walking 3 year old started losing his function of his legs which soon became a wobbling piece of bones and flesh. Soon both his arms lost their function and some parts of his face too. His arms and legs started wasting and were more or less useless. He was brought to the asan a month ago and his arms and legs are now gaining strength and is seeing better functions never experienced in the past 7 years of treatment. The boy’s readiness to take even the extremes of pain to undergo the treatment shows his return of hope and trust in this age old tradition that’s slowly transforming his life.

As with many damages to varmam locations, initially the symptoms are very simple and straightforward, are often treated under short sight by the modern medicine, but complication starts coming after 3 or 4 years as vata diseases or some degeneration’s. My past eight years of modern medicine research, and the need of thousands of diagnostic tests, scans and blood tests used to come to a conclusion in these situations stood useless under the simple wisdom of the Siddha where a simple look at the nadi and few touches here and there diagnosed the problem, at its root level.

The Asan (the Master) started the treatment by massaging the Sushumna, ida and pingala nadi’s and stimulating many varmam points which bought out responses in his dead fingers and toes. He explained to me how he uses his intimate knowledge of the nadi system and anatomy to redirect blood flow to damaged body parts and re-vascularise them and help the body heal itself. I experienced the joy of the kid, where inspite of great pain he endured while his varamam’s where pressed with iron like fingers and his nerve plexuses impacted to bring back life into them, the boy cried out in a pain that he enjoyed and welcomed.

Today the boy had a request he put towards the asan. He can’t talk loud in class. When all boys shout out loud, call each other, his efforts to match them where all but a gush of air and very less vocal. This was where the nail of belief and firsthand experience was driven into me with a single blow. As I stood awe struck, the asan asked the boy to keep calling his father as loudly as possible. He tried with all his might and cried our loud but all that came was a low “father” and lots of air rushing out, suddenly the asan struck behind his ear with his twisted fingers and lo! the place rang loud as the boy called his father loud and clear “FATHER” and his father jumping from the chair, answering “YES”.

Here I leave you with this amazing story I witnessed, experienced and was a part of the treatment, never the more sure of this amazing Siddha art, the ageless wisdom of Varmam!

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