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Registration 2015

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Registration now open for Diploma in Siddha Varma Kalai for year 2014.

The course will commence in Aug  2015.

Contact classes locations,

  1. Kuala Lumpur
  2. Seremban
  3. Johor Baru
  4. Penang

Development of skills and knowledge in Varma Kalai and its applications for general wellness and for selected diseases. Topics include varmam points, nadi system and varmam massage, theory, practical experience, anatomy, and physiology. Upon successful completion of Varmam Therapy, students are eligible for a Diploma  in Siddha Varmam Kalai  conducted by Persatuan Siddha varma kalai Malaysia.

Upon successful completion of the course the student will be able to:

  • Employ varmam points, their individual and combined action on human body, the position and identification of nadi’s, diagnostic nadi or pulse testing, varmam massage and individual varmam stimulation alone or in combination with siddha medicines for symptomatic relief and specific cure of varmam based diseases.
  • Recognize, locate, and describe the function of major skeletal muscles, bones, and connective tissue structures in the human body
  • Evaluate a client to determine whether a varmam therapy is indicated or contraindicated
  • Nokku Varmam and energy varmam
  • Apply Varmam stimulation, Varmam Massage, and Joint Manipulative techniques in a cohesive and fluid manner demonstrating particular capacities and skills necessary for providing a 60-minute, full-body, wellness and/or therapy-oriented massage
  • Demonstrate proper body mechanics necessary for maintaining practitioner’s personal health and professional longevity in the field
  • Demonstrate a fundamental knowledge of Siddha system of medicine and its application in Varma Kalai
  • Demonstrate basic Siddha diagnostic skills
  • Identify the importance of ethics and social responsibility for therapeutic bodyworkers
  • Utilize sound business practices required in a career setting relevant to varmam therapy
  • Determine and implement Prana based techniques required for specific conditions, also you will learn
    -Nokku varmam for healing
    -Distance Varmam 
    (Only in Malaysia you can learn this, no other varmam assan will teach this or they know the secret of this secret art.
  • Student will be able to successfully review Client Intake Service Sheet and determine proper Varmam Therapy Treatment/protocol as it pertains to clients needs for Well­being and Specific Cure.
  • Will acquire knowledge to evaluate and analyze benefits derived from applied protocol/ treatment.
  • Will be able to recommend follow-up treatments and home care to maximize and maintain the benefits derived from Varmam treatments.

For more information contact,

  • Kuala Lumpur,Penang,Johor. Please contact
    • varma@siddhainstitute.com
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