Varma and Energy Therapy



The All-Natural Wellness Program That Offers You a New Dimension in Healing

The Siddha Varma Wellness Program provides you with the capabilities to heal a variety of ailments through the power of Varma Massage and Energy Therapy.

This uniquely designed program was developed by over 20 years of practical experience by Sri Pranaji to offer wellness professionals an alternative, organic method to help their patients without the use of medication or supplements.

Specialised Pressure-Point Training for Wellness Professionals

If you are a wellness therapist, massage therapist, energy healer or Ayurveda/Siddha practitioner, then this comprehensive training course allows you to expand your healing potential for your clients.

The one-year course includes extensive practical training on how to use the effective pressure-point principles of the Siddha Varma system for energy-based healing.

The Benefits of the Siddha Varma System

The Siddha Varma healing system is a 100% energy-based method that focuses on pressure points to let wellness practitioners:

  • Complete a full detox of negative energy within the body, allowing for blockages to be removed to promote self-recovery
  • Activate the inner-ability of their patients to rejuvenate and revitalize
  • Instantly reduce symptoms of a wide range of ailments to indicate the body’s potential for self-recovery
  • Balance blood flow throughout the body using Varma Massage
  • Work in conjunction with other allopathic therapy to boost body response
  • Learn the principles easily, so they can be used in a variety of situations
  • They’re over 20-30 over quick fix therapy for common problem like headache,toothache, lethargy booster etc which be given thru out the training.

What the Siddha Varma and energy System training module

The Varma and Energy therapy purely uses Varma points with energy, and in some cases – energized water. There is no need for drugs or herbal medicines.

Level I

  • Introduction to Siddha medicine
  • Introduction to Varma
  • Principles of Siddha medicine
  • Basic Pulse based diagnostics
  • Learning the 108 Varma points
  • Basic Varma point therapy

Level II

  • Continuation of Siddha medicine principles and theories
  • Aura diagnostics
  • Review of therapies from level I

Varma and Energy therapies specific for:

  • 1. Breast Cancer
  • 2. Frozen shoulder
  • 3. Nerves and Spine
  • 4. Cholesterol
  • 5. Liver
  • 6. Snoring
  • 7. Breathing problems
  • 8. Asthma

Varma and Energy therapies specific for:

  • 1. Cancer therapy
  • 2. Immune system therapy
  • 3. Kidney recovery therapy
  • 4. Lung therapy
  • 5. Asthma
  • 6. Autism
  • 7. Stomach bacteria therapy
  • 8. Fever and cough therapy
  • 9. All heart related disease
  • 10. Sleep therapy

Level III

Siddha Spiritual Healing and it’s relevance to the modern world Varma and Energy therapies specific for:

  • 1. Psychological treatment for Addictions, Panic Attacks, Depression, Anxiety, etc.
  • 2. Energy therapy for all diseases (single therapy for all disease)
  • 3. Distance therapy
  • 4. Auto-Immune disorders
  • 5. Learning the 108 Varma points
  • 6. Basic Varma point therapy

Level III will cover the major aspects of energy therapy as a single process to handle many diseases – old and new.

The Training Method

Each training will be conducted over 4-5 days, focusing on six or eight of the medical problems listed above based on their complexity. Students will learn both the theoretical ideology and receive practical training, allowing them to understand how to interact with their patients. The training methods are 100% medication, herbal and supplement-free, using only the powerful pressure-points and energy-based healing techniques of Siddha Varma.

Certificate of Completion

Once you have completed the year-long training, you will receive an official Certificate of Completion from the instructor. You will be required to comply with all local health authority requirements during practice.

If you are ready to learn the powerful healing principles of Siddha Varma that will allow you to provide an alternative healing method to your patients, contact us today for information about program registration.

Training begins in 2020 – Berlin. Germany

Level 1:

  • 8th Jan to 12th Jan – Varma and energy

Level 2:

  • 27th April to 1st May – Varma and energy

Level 3:

  • 27th April to 1st May – Varma and energy

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