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Workshop For parents of autistic children

Workshop For parents of autistic children

Jan 19, 2014

Date             :Thursday, May 1, 2014

Place             :Madison Wellness Center, 171 Madison Avenue, Suite 908. New York ,United States.

Registration e-mail   team-us@pranashakty.org

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Ancient siddha knowledge is coming To USA To Help Autistic Children.
Parents of Autistic Children Your Prayers Are Answered! A Training is being offered to parents of Autistic children on May 1, Thursday by Malaysian Yoga Masters. These Masters are from the ancestry of the Siddhas who wrote their powerful healing remedies on palm leaves that were preserved throughout the ages. The Masters are sharing the secrets of their ancient Varmam tradition with the world and currently their research is focused on the Autistic population.
For details: https://varmamkalai.org/special-children/

Masters will be teaching parents how to activate varmam points which are energy centers in the body that become blocked. When these energy blockages are released, the neurological pathways become open creating energetic balance within the system. Masters anticipate a 40-70% improvement in neurological functioning. Parents will be able to treat their child on their own, using simple technique.
The best educators are the parents who love their children unconditionally. We know you have had many challenging situations regarding your child’s development. Let’s work in partnership to help your child show his/her talents to the world. You know what your child is capable of and now it’s time to show society.
WE can accept about 25 parents for this class. This is only class will be available in US this year.
Class donation $108.(to cover the facilities cost and course material included the dvd)
To sign up for this amazing opportunity and for more details, please email: team-us@pranashakty.org

An Sample video on how easy and save this therapy

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